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Targeted Platforms

School Connect has an advantage of having owned some services that are prevalent to schools and preschools and that the school leaders visit these websites frequently creating an opportunity for you to exhibit your brand, products or services.

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School Solutions as an online exhibition

“School Solutions” offers a platform both to the demand side (schools & preschools) and the supply side (the service providers). It’s in-fact a B2S (Business to School) platform.

Participate in it and reach out to your target customers – schools & preschools.


Benefits of a Classified Website

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User-friendly interface

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Cost-effective approach

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Large number of customers

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No geographic boundaries

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24 x 7 operability


Variety and Entirety makes us inviting



of solutions in four classes makes it compelling for the schools and preschools to visit us. We have so much to offer that they can’t just avoid us.


24 Facilities | 18 Utilities | 12 Supplies | 07 Preparations


interesting ways to


While lots of school leaders visit our website and the various categories of services & solutions, here are six different ways you can show your presence to them:


1. Free Listing

Free Listing shall enable your brand name to be listed as one of the service providers in the specific solution category. When the school leaders visit this particular page by selecting the service of their interest, they shall see you and might choose to contact you for more details.

The lists are randomly shuffled so that your brand stands chances to be on the top of the list at random. We’ve programmed it so that everyone in the list gets the benefit.

Click here for an example.


2. Premium Listing

Premium Listing allows you to have a prominent visibility on the category pages chosen by you.

Premium Listing shall allow you to show the following details.

  1. Your brand logo
  2. Your brand description
  3. Your phone number
  4. Your email address
  5. Your website
  6. A promotional video
  7. Social Media links (Facebook, Instagram & Youtube)

There can be a maximum of six premium listing in each solution category.

INR 500/- per month only

Click here for an example.


3. Display Banners

Each service category can have only three banners:

  1. Top Banner
  2. Mezzo Banner
  3. Base Banner

This allows you to have your own content on the banner. The click on the banner shall take the visitor to your website or any such page that you want us to link with, giving you added advantage to show more details.

We’ll help you create attractive banners. You also get an option to change the banner once a month. There can a maximum of three banners on each solution category.

Starts with INR 1000/- per month only

Click here for an example.


4. Flashlight Review

Flashlight/ Featured review is an excellent way to advertise your products or services to the School Leaders. School Solutions shall help you create a featured review for you/ your brand including the details of products & services offered by you.

We’ll help you create an interview script and our anchor shall ask you question, which you’ll answer to the satisfaction of the viewers. This professionally edited video works as an explainer of your services. However, we’ll charge you a nominal fee for creating the Flashlight video, which you can use elsewhere for your own promotion.

There can a maximum of two Flashlights on each solution category.

INR 6000/- per month only

Click here for an example.


5. Popular Solutions/ Preschool Special

These are our homepage features. Hence, really premium. You get more visibility & traction. There can a maximum of six premium listing on each solution category.

INR 15000/- per month only

Click here & see.


6. Success Story Reviews

From stories of individuals who started with nothing and built successful businesses from scratch, to those who overcame significant challenges to achieve their goals, you'll find a wealth of inspiring stories.

Each story is informative, engaging, and inspiring and shall influence the school leaders to buy your products & services.

These reviews (generally presented as blogs) are then also promoted through emails.

INR 1000/- per review

(These reviews are not time bound, but shall stay infinitely.)

This is a new section. First 10 reviews are for free.


SchoolHype website as an opportunity to exhibit

It’s a great opportunity for you to display your advertisements on this website as this is a great resource for the school leaders and involves plenty of opportunities to engagement.

The traffic here is high and that the visibility shall also be great.

Very soon you’ll have lots of opportunities by way of SchoolCompetitions, SchoolAdmissions, SchoolJobs & SchoolPlus too.


We promote our websites extensively

Since our target audience is limited to schools & preschools and that too with the senior managers, our promotion involves more of direct marketing strategies.

We undertake:

  • Email marketing
  • Whatsapp marketing
  • Social Media marketing
  • Tele-marketing
  • SEO/ SEM

We’ve been largely successful in attracting a reasonable traffic on our website and is progressively rising.


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