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with schools and preschools across India
and grow your business.

Because connecting with a school can mean bulk-buying
and repeat purchases.

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Succeeding in business

is all about

making connections

~ Richard Branson

So, be willing to connect with new
people and we can be instrumental.


You can choose any of our ‘6 Exhibit’ and
’10 Publicize’ approaches to make these connections happen. With us as your networking partner, you get known to the school leaders and start creating a strong business relationship with them.

We help you

make these connections.

Here's how we do this.

  1. We find connectors & linkages to establish these connections for you. You often need intermediaries to set up these connection with the decision-makers.

  2. We go out of our comfort zone to make these connections for you.

  3. We show that you actually care for them.

  4. We get on the train to create these connections for you. Consistency & persistency are the key.

  5. We never use ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach, rather be customized with tailor our approaches on case-to-case basis.


The purpose of business is to
create a customer,

who creates customer.

Create schools (and preschools) as
your customers
& they will create
many customers for you.

All their students & parents can be
your customers.


If you deal in
some product or service
for the age groups 3 to 18…

…then connecting with
schools & preschools
is the best way to go.


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